The “ins” and “outs” of a Spectacular Sales Pipeline… and Why You Need It!


Establishing a dynamic sales pipeline is not only essential, but challenging. Built upon a foundation of solid professional network and credibility, the sales pipeline is never secure. Often, we must simultaneously seek growth, while trying not to be undermined by companies trying to outmaneuver each other for a never-ending search of: increased revenue, increase volume, and greater market share.

Many open source databases exist that are available to help identify, qualify, and obtain potential leads. The challenge is not the ability to find the contact information of a potential client, but instead it is the ability to proactively identify a client in the first place. While technology can help to locate client more quickly through social media (e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook) or through advertising and marketing databases like or, these sites do not help you overcome what is really the most important aspect of a sales pipeline: credibility.

Fortunately, credibility in sales can come in many forms. As a freight forwarder, you can demonstrate credibility through a senior salesperson that understands the different players of the industry and knows how to integrate them on the behalf of a shippers needs. This approach brings along a “book of business” that will likely translate into revenue. However, this approach also takes time to grow or takes money to acquire.

Another approach is to demonstrate credibility through an unparalleled service cycle. By demonstrating in real-time the ability to meet a client’s needs through more than just reputation, trust is grown that will engender more business, word of mouth, and growth. Yet to achieve this, a company must be able to identify potential clients and connect with them on a level that is more than just superficial. You may ask: “What does this mean?” Specifically, understanding the pain points that drive a potential client is critical. Our experience at XPort has shown that the freight forwarding industry revolves around the philosophy, “export (or import) through me because I can offer you (the shipper) the best freight forwards software services.” In reality, it is more important to take the approach, “export (or import) with me because I understand you business needs better than anyone else and I will provide the tools that will specifically help make you (the shipper) a greater success!” The difference in this approach with the former is the realization that freight forwarders should not ask what their clients can do for them, but what they can do for their clients.

The key to a solid sales pipeline is to understand the “pulse” of the Industry and to provide services that match the rhythm and need of the Industry’s prospective clients. The experts at XPort ( have matured this understanding through the close alignment of economics, marketing, and strategic planning to develops approaches solve the pain points of freight forwarders to in turn allow them to address their own client’s pain points. For example, our free “rate checking tool” allows freight forwarders to quickly validate (and if you desire… lock in) competitive rates that can be the basis for quoting prices to prospective shippers in a manner of seconds versus hours or days. Through this tool, credibility is obtained that in turn provides trust with a shipper and helps to address a shippers potential pain point: such as the quick and efficient movement of goods from one international location to another.

There are other strategies available that Xport ( has available to share for our clients. Please join us in our webinar to find out more details!

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